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Let’s say you like Italian food…

You rarely find someone who doesn’t like Italian food…and for good reason. Italian cuisine is so well rounded with the salads, bread, wine, entre and dessert (and by well rounded I mean, I get a lot of food) so it is always a go to when I want a good meal. I thought I would give some insight on some favorites I have found in the Seattle area based on money and taste because let’s face it, I’m not rich. But I can find a bargain.

  • Rialto Pasta Bar: $ and 1/2 It’s open every night, dining is super simple (you can sit down or take out) and it is right up from gorgeous Greenlake. They have amazing starters and almost every entre comes with a salad so you’re all set. There’s a moderate selection of dishes and always a few specials. It’s a small establishment but the kitchen is open and the staff is super friendly.
  • Pasta Freska: $$$ This is a truly fun and unique place to enjoy a real meal. The bf and I went here and I don’t think we’ve ever been that excited to eat. There is no menu. The chef comes by and asks if you to tell him of anything you dislike, whether you want wine, then brings you a bottle of his choosing. The rest of the evening is filled with course after course of surprises! SO delicious. The only downside is that it can get pricey since there is no menu but the point is to go and have a blast. Pasta Freska is on Westlake Ave by the lake.
  • Perche No Pasta and Vino:$$ Also situated in Greenlake but on the opposite end (more towards Wallingford), this place place gets the most props for the atmosphere! It was so cool inside, the bf and I sat upstairs where our table looked out over the rest of the restaurant…we saw the chef cooking away and all the action, it was super cool. The food was good too, we got beers and stuck to pretty traditional dishes but the taste was great.
  • Mama Melina Ristorante: $$$ Unfortunately I can’t find a website for this little place but it’s located in the U District right near the Seven Gables Theater. There’s live music, tons of wine and it’s always crowded. It’s definately a hot zone for date night…in fact, I happen to have had a first date here myself. The food was excellent of course, really authentic (I think, I’ve actually never been to Italy) and a lot of selection.

Those are my top four right now. I obviously recommend them all. If anyone else has suggestions (particularly cheap ones) on other great food places…diamonds in the rough if you will…please comment! Ciao for now. (See what I did there?)


The Office Season 4 is back in my life

Oh The Office, you’ve done it again. The new season has begun! And can I just tell you that it was an hour of excitement, hilariousness and surprise…yes, an hour. The first 4 weeks of The Office have hour long episodes and I can’t think of any other half hour show that deserves it more. I secretly hope they just start making the whole season hour long episodes!

Anyway, NBC is playing each new Office episode as it airs online and you should completely go check it out. The only thing that bothers me are the commercials that cut into the episode (the perils of online viewing I guess) because they occur far too often. I won’t do spoilers on this episode because some people very dear to me have either not seen the previous season or did not attend the office party. Ahem. But here are some pretty awesome “what if” for The Office storylines.

So watch it. And love it.

The beginnings

So here I go. My first play at the digital world of sharing! I figure that sharing has the benefit of adding something new to people. Whatever people want to take away from this, I just hope it will be an extension of the awesome “can you believe this shit??” emails I get from my friends all the time…because boy do they broaden my horizons.