The Office Season 4 is back in my life

Oh The Office, you’ve done it again. The new season has begun! And can I just tell you that it was an hour of excitement, hilariousness and surprise…yes, an hour. The first 4 weeks of The Office have hour long episodes and I can’t think of any other half hour show that deserves it more. I secretly hope they just start making the whole season hour long episodes!

Anyway, NBC is playing each new Office episode as it airs online and you should completely go check it out. The only thing that bothers me are the commercials that cut into the episode (the perils of online viewing I guess) because they occur far too often. I won’t do spoilers on this episode because some people very dear to me have either not seen the previous season or did not attend the office party. Ahem. But here are some pretty awesome “what if” for The Office storylines.

So watch it. And love it.


One response to “The Office Season 4 is back in my life

  1. Hey
    have you seen the original UK version with Ricky Gervais? Now that is sheer brilliance.

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