Britney lost custody…finally.

It’s Britney B**** 

What bothers me right now about Britney Spears is her lack of effort. It’s kind of obvious she is in a shame spiral but she isn’t even ATTEMPTING to do anything about it. And like most celebrities, she has bypassed any consequences…so when “the man” finally took her kids away, I hate to say it but I was almost glad. Anyone else in her situation of partying, boozing and basic irresponsibility (um, put some underwear on there are cameras everywhere) would have felt the reprocussions waaaay earlier on. Let’s also keep in mind that a judge has found K-Fed more fit than Brit right now…mother of god. I’m sure her life is tough with all the paparazzi and blah blah blah but since I believe every piece of gossip I hear, I’m feeling like she needs to calm the f down because she is a mother of 2. Pic is from PopSugar.


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