My sports alma mater the Huskies got crushed-skies but the Hawks rock.

huskyhelmet.jpghuskyhelmet.jpghuskyhelmet.jpghuskyhelmet.jpghuskyhelmet.jpghuskyhelmet.jpghuskyhelmet.jpgThis weekend, I went to my dear friend Paul’s house to watch the Husky vs. USC game because he has HD and a comfy couch… and amazing take out food. Now, after last week I wasn’t expecting a whole lot from them seeing as they got crushed but surprisingly (maybe it was the weather. Those Californians don’t know what rain is right?) it was a closer game than expected. But the Times said it best:

“The Trojans gave Washington every chance to steal this game. And Washington gave back too many of those chances.”

Now, I’m not what you would call a die hard fan but I like to watch and I think I know a little something about what’s going on. There was just too much inconsistency. I mean, we were all cheering one minute and then saying “what the shit what that?” the next. Jake Locker is exciting as a ball runner but oh my god when he throws it’s like, please no. The guy overthrew his receivers, got lost near the line of scrimmage (and by that I mean he went over the thing twice) and just didn’t take advantage of USC playing like poo. But the throw back jerseys were cool. I’d also like to take a minute and give you my view on Louis Rankin of the Huskies and Shaun Alexander of the Seahawks…SAME PERSON. There’s moments of greatness that happen to coincide with a really key play but for the most part, they’re nancies! (thanks ben) Yeah I might change my tune on that one…when I as a viewer can depend on them. But I can’t right now.

That leads me to the Seahawks! I didn’t watch the whole game but I saw good stuff when I did so I don’t need to blog about them that much. Nothing to make me want to rant. I’m glad to see we are getting wins!




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