Rain, pumpkins and movies

October, my favorite month, just began and I’m excited to share some of the things I love about it the most. I don’t know why this month is so appealing to me but I get jazzed every year for it to come because it always marks the transition into fall weather…which I see right now out the window. Foggy, windy and chilly. Mind you since I live in Seattle, this will get old REALLY fast. When I was younger (and not chained to an 8-5 job…damn you grownup life!) school would be more fun because teachers decided to play more games since the weather sucked, my mom would make me hot bevs and I could just get cozy. Even though I don’t see a whole lot of that any more, I get my kicks elsewhere! Evenings after work on the couch, a hot bath and movies. I love movies. And what better way to take advantage of the month than to check out this Cinematic Countdown to Halloween. I found a ton of movies in there that I’ve never seen. My favorite place in Seattle for awesome movies like the ones on that website is Scarecrow Video on Roosevelt.

My recipe for an awesome rainy day evening:

  • Comfy pants: these are a must, pair them with socks or a blanket
  • Prepared food: this is so it can sit on your coffee table and you can eat it as you choose. Some good items are crackers and cheese, fruit, popcorn, chips and salsa, etc.
  • Hot Bev: coffee, tea, hot chocolate, hot totti, bailey’s, whatev
  • Movie, tv marathon or sports game
  • Friends

That way, you can basically stay on the couch all evening long and just kind of doze off whenever you need to. It’s nice.

Halloween is also in this month and I still love this holiday in all it’s costumes, candy and decorations. I think our neighbors think we bring down the neighborhood though so we don’t get too many kiddies coming by. But everything gets spooky and traditional-y with the stories, movies and rituals (not like creepy, sacrifice type rituals). If you want to know more about All Hallows Eve click here.


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