Women shouldn’t have the right to vote…wait. What??

Wow Ann Coulter is a piece of work. I’d heard her name around here and there but I came across this insane article  that says women, especially single women, are voting stupidly and it’s a dream of hers that they get the right to vote taken away. So I decided to dig up some other stuff about what else she thought. Holy crap. She calls her writing “lively and entertaining”…riiiight. To me she’s more like a self-ritcheous conservative blowhard with zero compassion who just wants to be combative. She says totally inaccurate and ludicris stuff and then will not accept any other comments, like here. She even hated on 9/11 widows and said, “These broads are millionaires stalked by grief-parazzies”. Nice Coulter. If you’re so enraged about national security, why don’t you go be petty with the people responsible for our national security. Anyway, I personally think she’s horrible, unjustified in what she says and a pest to both parties. Weird that she happens to be a single woman…


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