Deadliest Catch or Catchiest concept?

I love the Discovery Channel and this show is actually kind of cool because it chronicles a job that Herman Melville would have killed for and a job that interests the common folk (us). I always thought those guys were super cold, wet and uncomfortable because it was either that or no money but apparently it’s not so shabby. Being here in the Pacific Northwest, a lot of those guys are from around here so the Seattle PI did a story about a “real” crab fisherman and apparently what the show portrays is how it USED to be. Says one fisherman:

When the weather is bad, unlike in the not-too-distant past, “we will back off. When we offload, we will stay in town overnight. It’s quite a bit different,” he said. “We have the option of not taking too many risks.”

Kind of a bummer because I was thinking about becoming a crab fisherman but now that I know this, pshhh…no thanks! But I still love the Discovery Channel.


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