Generation Q

I thought this article from the New York Times was really interesting because a lot of the time I feel the way he describes “Generation Q”. Too quiet and subdued. I feel like the issues are important and I get angry when change isn’t made or people aren’t speaking up enough about things that happen to make us go, “wait, what??”. But I am not doing as much as could be done to make my opinions count and a lot of the things this man talks about apply. Too much internet talk, not enough literal action he says:

“America needs a jolt of the idealism, activism and outrage (it must be in there) of Generation Q. That’s what twentysomethings are for — to light a fire under the country. But they can’t e-mail it in, and an online petition or a mouse click for carbon neutrality won’t cut it. They have to get organized in a way that will force politicians to pay attention rather than just patronize them.”

 Or maybe the “kick in the pants” he talks about the country needing will happen in a less radical way but stuff needs to get done. Be agressive, B-E agressive, B-E-A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E…little soccer moment there.


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