Should they have burned?

Trust me, I have many Hollywood “celebrity” rants up my sleeve but I keep most of them at bay. By the time I write them down, it’s kinda a moot point because I just get depressed that they are such peons. This is an example of what I hate: Heidi and Spencer. Yeah, I know I’m fueling the fire (that actually refers to something later in the post) by giving them the time of day but I can’t contain it anymore! They are sooo ridiculous. TOO ridiculous. And for any of you out there that say I don’t know them and blah blah blah…I do know them. And they’re ridiculous. Anyway, People let me down by reporting that Heidi and Spencer staved off a huge fire at their house. Shut up. They live in an apartment building last I saw on the Hills. Anyway, check out the comments after the article, they’re hilarious.


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