300 mpg…

But it looks like a spaceshit. I mean spaceship.

At least they’re getting the clean burning message out there: it’s mostly electric with a small gas engine and they say they are going to create a hybrid version as well.

Aptera, Greek for “Wingless Flight,” delivers on its name with a radically different vehicle designed to marry advanced aerodynamics with light-weight composite technology to create an incredibly powerful, yet extremely safe vehicle that is a joy to drive. The Aptera Typ-1 will be available in all-electric and hybrid models for less than $30,000. The all-electric model has a range of about 120 miles. The plug-in series hybrid has achieved more than 300 miles per gallon with a range of more than 600 miles. Both versions are loaded with safety features.

I don’t know about this one…I wouldn’t put a baby on a motorcycle and this is considered in that category AND you can put a carseat in between the two pod seats. Weird. I’d rather drive THIS:

The FCX Clarity is a next-generation, zero-emissions, hydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicle based on the entirely-new Honda V Flow fuel cell platform, and powered by the highly compact, efficient and powerful Honda V Flow fuel cell stack.


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