Strivers and Slackers…All because of Prez Bush?

My dearest Dweed sent me this article from the SF Weekly regarding a little something I like to call…how women and men interact. Today’s particular topic: Strivers vs. Slackers. I think it’s important to note that this article topic is not a blanket statement but an interesting observance.

The author seems to bash the “slackers” in the article but I think she’s just trying to do justice to the “strivers” because the end is really heartwarming:

So, call me a traitor if you must — a slacker sympathizer, a striver sellout, whatever. But I’m going with my mom’s words of dating wisdom, which were the last things she ever said to me before she died about a decade ago. “Honey,” she told me, “any man who’s lucky enough to be with you needs to know that he’s the luckiest man in the world.”


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