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Let’s talk about air travel…and a birthday!

Air travel: Man’s greatest tool for travel or a huge metal tube that speeds 35,000 ft about the earth just barely getting all it’s 127 passengers to safety?

On my way to San Fran this past weekend I either realized that I have a small aversion to flying or I realized that I need to be drunk or drugged to fly. Logically I’m going with the last choice. I swear to god I was that person who is sitting there eyes closed, not moving, with their hands locked on those armrests, sweating. I don’t care who you are, when the captain asks the flight attendants to STOP in-flight service, sit down and fasten their seat-belts, there is reason to feel slightly insecure about going down in flames. Anyway, the last half of my flight into San Fran was heinous and made me seriously consider dropping about $50 at the airport bar for my return flight to Seattle. Don’t worry, I survived.

On a lighter note, happy birthday to the coolest Dude around!! Dude, I didn’t tell anyone in Seattle that I lost my license for a second time but this time I was inebriated because I was celebrating your birth and so I’m honestly ok with it. I am now the youngest of us, but I’m honestly ok with that too. Because when you’re 40, I’ll be 39. Bam.

Side note, I can’t get enough of GirlTalk’s mashups. He puts in the 80’s, who can resist that?


My last day at Chitlins

Everyone says “Don’t write about work on your blog. They’ll get the information and turn it against you.” Like I would just bitch about work on this blog…pshh, I have much better stuff to do. And magically, since I have found another job, all of my work issues have disappeared! But Chitlins will stay in my heart and I do hope that our paths cross again as it is an incredible organization who does an incredible service to kids.

So on my last day I brought in THE caramel apple pie I made from the previous post. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks delicious and was really easy to make. I would go with the advice UnderConstruction gave me and make sure you don’t overfill with apples. So I will share this pie with my lovely coworkers after the best lunch ever. See, whenever there’s a birthday, special event, or work gets TOO lame the cool kids go out to this amazing sushi place down the street. We get raunchy, laugh a lot and eat more than we laugh…and we are going there today! I am really going to miss the cool kids and I know that some of the friendships will continue past Chitlins (I like to think I’m pretty good at staying up with friendships).

So goodbye Chitlins and thanks for all the good times. To the bad times: suck it.

Who gets hungry at work when they’re bored?

I do. I spend hours looking up recipes on Food Network, reading blogs about food and trying to figure out what I’ll have for dinner. My best friend’s sister has a really cool blog about crafty stuff, food stuff, family stuff and tons of other stuff so I have gotten many food ideas off of her site. It’s called Under Construction and can be linked to HERE.

The other day, I found this amazing looking recipe for an caramel apple pie that she made. I LOVE apple pie and it’s pretty easy to make so I’ve decided that will be my next baking project. Maybe even tonight! Here is the RECIPE, give it a whirl and get some vanilla bean ice cream to go along with it too.

WGA Strike Not Picketing Grammy Awards

I know everyone is hoping the writer’s strike will be ended very soon because everyone misses their primetime television. For me, it’s the waiting and wondering what will happen between Dwight and Angela? Will they get back together? Obviously I’m hoping that during this interem Jim, aka John Krasinski, decides to knock on my front door and ask me to go eat italian. But the fact still remains that everyone’s week of nightly television has been hibernating for way too long. says that the Grammys will go on. Hopefully the fact that the WGA is not going to picket the Grammys paired up with the informal talks that are going on means that we’re closer to getting good TV again!

Select a Candidate 2008

Select a Candidate 2008 – Answer the 14 questions below to find out which candidates are most aligned with your views and opinions. You may skip questions if you do not want them factored into the results. This quiz is not meant to pick your candidate for you. It is designed to inform the public of the various stances candidates make. Results are not scientific.

 This is a cool little tool to help you decide between some candidates you may not know too much about. I heard a suggestion that once you have a few candidates you are interested in, go to Wikipedia and look up their platforms. Election time folks, look alive out there!!

Bacon, Cheese and Beer Hot Dog

Wow. This looks AMAZING. This is a serious step by step written description of like the best hotdog that could ever be created. You fill the inside with cheese whiz and then wrap it in BACON. Then there’s beer involved. Yummy!