WGA Strike Not Picketing Grammy Awards

I know everyone is hoping the writer’s strike will be ended very soon because everyone misses their primetime television. For me, it’s the waiting and wondering what will happen between Dwight and Angela? Will they get back together? Obviously I’m hoping that during this interem Jim, aka John Krasinski, decides to knock on my front door and ask me to go eat italian. But the fact still remains that everyone’s week of nightly television has been hibernating for way too long. Billboard.com says that the Grammys will go on. Hopefully the fact that the WGA is not going to picket the Grammys paired up with the informal talks that are going on means that we’re closer to getting good TV again!


One response to “WGA Strike Not Picketing Grammy Awards

  1. this makes my day. night . week. year. the strike blows! – M

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