My last day at Chitlins

Everyone says “Don’t write about work on your blog. They’ll get the information and turn it against you.” Like I would just bitch about work on this blog…pshh, I have much better stuff to do. And magically, since I have found another job, all of my work issues have disappeared! But Chitlins will stay in my heart and I do hope that our paths cross again as it is an incredible organization who does an incredible service to kids.

So on my last day I brought in THE caramel apple pie I made from the previous post. I haven’t tried it yet but it looks delicious and was really easy to make. I would go with the advice UnderConstruction gave me and make sure you don’t overfill with apples. So I will share this pie with my lovely coworkers after the best lunch ever. See, whenever there’s a birthday, special event, or work gets TOO lame the cool kids go out to this amazing sushi place down the street. We get raunchy, laugh a lot and eat more than we laugh…and we are going there today! I am really going to miss the cool kids and I know that some of the friendships will continue past Chitlins (I like to think I’m pretty good at staying up with friendships).

So goodbye Chitlins and thanks for all the good times. To the bad times: suck it.


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