Monthly Archives: February 2008

Motore Coffee…where everybody knows your name

I’m totally plugging my favorite coffee house in Seattle. MOTORE COFFEE. It is located downtown at 9th and Stewart, is motifed with scooters, mopeds, vespas, etc. and has the friendliest, hippest staff around. Plus they serve happy hour!! Beer and wine selections for after that long and horrendous workday. I personally have a standing reservation on Friday afternoons (you don’t need reservations obviously). They have a great attitude about coffee and customer service…plus their “regulars” are proof enough that you’ll want to come back. Go there and let me know what you thought about it!


Oh Rick Astley…

This has to be the funniest Rick Astley graphic I have ever seen. Wait. Maybe the ONLY Rick Astley graphic I’ve ever seen. If you don’t know who this musical genius is, take a look HERE.

Time to email

I just had a conversation about this last night in my awesome physics class…it costs a lot (see article HERE) to mail a damn letter and it takes days upon days to reach it’s recipient. Why do that when you can email? Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking: It’s impersonal. Letters are more romantic. Well guess what? They were romantic in 1942. I highly doubt I even know of people who would write romantic letter. I email my true feelings when I feel them…if I were to write them in a letter, they’d probably have changed by the time it got to you. I like postcards though.

I get my primetime TV back!

It looks like the writer’s strike is over! Apparently they got a “fair deal” so that’s good (even thought I would have no idea what a fair deal is in Tinsel Town). The thing that sucks about all this is the money lost or wasted…and all my nights wasted on other “productive” things instead of NBC television. Says the Seattle Times:

The strike took a $3.2 billion toll in direct and indirect costs on the economy of Los Angeles County, the home of most of the nation’s TV and film production, according to a new estimate from Jack Kyser, chief economist for the Los Angeles Economic Development Corp.

The last writers strike, a 153-day walkout in 1988, caused an estimated $500 million in lost wages.

So yeah, I’m pretty stoked.

Caucusing as a political tool not a dirty sex move.

News to me because I’m from California but in the state of Washington, they caucus. Verb that shiz:

VERB: Inflected forms: cau·cused or cau·cussed, cau·cus·ing or cau·cus·sing, cau·cus·es or cau·cus·ses
INTRANSITIVE VERB: To assemble in or hold a caucus.

Only the dems caucus in Washington and it was a pretty cool experience (granted we got Taco Bell beforehand so we were pretty set). A lot of my friends were telling me to Ba-Rock the vote and that seemed to be the way people felt at my caucus…honestly, it was less low key than I thought it would be. And I felt like one of the youngest voters there, which is weird considering Obama is supposed to be all about the youthful vote. If you want to see youthfulness, check this out:


So I felt very politically active today.

Side note: Happy Birthday to my dear roommate and friend Ryan! We had a blast last night at 88 Keys (him more so than anyone else, what can you do? Don’t go into the men’s bathroom there)