Caucusing as a political tool not a dirty sex move.

News to me because I’m from California but in the state of Washington, they caucus. Verb that shiz:

VERB: Inflected forms: cau·cused or cau·cussed, cau·cus·ing or cau·cus·sing, cau·cus·es or cau·cus·ses
INTRANSITIVE VERB: To assemble in or hold a caucus.

Only the dems caucus in Washington and it was a pretty cool experience (granted we got Taco Bell beforehand so we were pretty set). A lot of my friends were telling me to Ba-Rock the vote and that seemed to be the way people felt at my caucus…honestly, it was less low key than I thought it would be. And I felt like one of the youngest voters there, which is weird considering Obama is supposed to be all about the youthful vote. If you want to see youthfulness, check this out:


So I felt very politically active today.

Side note: Happy Birthday to my dear roommate and friend Ryan! We had a blast last night at 88 Keys (him more so than anyone else, what can you do? Don’t go into the men’s bathroom there)


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