Monthly Archives: March 2008

I’m sorry, I just vomited a little

What the hell? I get a new job and can’t surf the internet during the day so I only get to check my beloved every so often. And then I check it and I see this:

Britney to Guest Star on How I Met Your Mother!

Right there in the headline news. What the HELL? Oh my word I am so defeated. That show is great and awesome and this is soooo not awesome. I was pretty sure that Brit was in a shame spiral the last…oh, 100 times I checked celebrity entertainment…so what is this?!


Stop telling me that the Sonics leaving is no big deal

I have a bunch of friends who are sports fans but care nothing for the Sonics. In fact, one may say that they wouldn’t even notice if (and when) the Sonics left. But I? I would notice because there would be no professional basketball games to watch in Seattle. There would be no more Boom Squad or $7 beers or that guy who always plays the sax outside the Key Arena. Wanna know how I know? This is how.

So yeah, I could drive my ass 3 hours south to see the Blazers play…and don’t get me wrong, I like the Blazers but HELL NO. If the Sonics are leaving then Seattle definitely needs another professional basketball team located here. Who’s with me? The only thing that’s not a big deal about the Sonics leaving is Squatch leaving with them.