Bromances aren’t uncommon

I ran across this interesting little article while perusing my Seattle Times tonight…seeing that I have a multitude of guys involved in various “bromances”, I figured this is something to put down in the old blog. Mainly because that word is hilarious. Says the Times:

Two straight male doctors who are, without a doubt, in a bromance, a relationship defined as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males,” according to

There seems to be little worry about perceptions of homosexuality in a bromance filled with macho pursuits like drinking beer, watching sports and playing video games. But rifts can occur when serious girlfriends enter the picture or someone moves to another city. Tipograph and Kopstein both have girlfriends and make it work.

Apparently the transition to adulthood is taking a decade longer than in the olden days so men feel like they can be single and have their bromances. The fact that this type of article is in the Seattle TImes is so fantastic, maybe now bromances everywhere can be recognized and celebrated (aka JJ and Ron).


One response to “Bromances aren’t uncommon

  1. I just saw an example of this on our favorite show: Millionaire Matchmaker.

    I love it!

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