The Five Stages of Grief for Sonics fans

Tonight was the Sonics’ potentially last game (we won’t know until the court case in June but let’s see the glass as half empty for this post ok?) Over 15,000 fans showed up to support the Sonics in their VICTORY (yeah I know right?) against the Mavs. The Seattle papers have been pretty against the Sonics leaving but this article I found was unusually emotional… well emotional AND hilarious. The Five Stages of Grief for Sonics fans.

From the Seattle Times and Angry fans:

Tonight is the final — maybe forever? — home game for the Sonics. As fans grapple with the potential death of their team, we finish a five-day series on the five stages of grief, and we asked fans where they’d place themselves. Here is what 3,945 readers said:

Denial: 6% (248)

Anger: 47% (1,857)

Bargaining: 4% (159)

Depression: 10% (378)

Acceptance/hope: 33% (1,303)

That’s a lot of people in the anger phase but if you ask me, that’s 1,303 TOO many people who have accepted the Sonics leaving. That must be the Blazers fans who happen to reside here in Seattle. Whatever. Save our Sonics!! I’ll be updating the plight as details unfold…


photo courtesy of Seattle Times.


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