Shocking celebrity news

Apparently Ashlee Simpson went ahead with the crowd and got herself knocked up by Pete Wentz. Nice “engagement” story you guys told the media a few days back…how about you go ahead and tell them something new? That you got pregnant and had to get engaged to make it look like it wasn’t a mistake? I love The Superficial (many of you know this) and I especially love how he HATES Pete Wentz. The Sun reports:

Pete recently posted a blog online announcing the couples’ plans to make something that cannot be illegally downloaded, hinting at a baby. In the bizarre video message, Ashlee and Pete, who have dated since last summer, also reveal that the “release date” is July 2008, before Ashlee poses with a cushion stuffed under her top.

I don’t believe this story, not because it’s from the Sun but because Ashlee can’t be due in July. Unless she is giving birth to a couch cushion of course. That’s major bump hiding and I don’t believe it. But she’s still probably sperminated.

photo courtesy of my man at The Superficial


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