You won’t be “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” Anytime Soon

Thanks Sydney Morning Herald!

I had lowish expectations for the most current Apatow movie Forgetting Sarah Marshall but those were completely BLOWN AWAY by how awesome the movie was! Plus there was full frontal male nudity. What I didn’t realize was that it was written by the lead character Jason Segel who I LOVE (he’s the one from How I Met Your Mother and Freaks and Geeks). I think the story line was something that everyone can easily follow and sympathize with but obviously never gets too serious. My model friend JJ said that it “touched him” but that’s because it made him want to be in a relationship…which is a pretty big deal because he shuns relationships, so I guess the movie is that good.

I was impressed with the cast, but most of all I enjoyed the vampire puppet musical. And with that I leave you to go see the movie.

“I need to B my L on someone’s T’s.”


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