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Memorial Day with Friendzias

I had a great Memorial Day weekend with the gals out at Dash Point State Park (which can lovingly be found about 2 miles west of Federal Way). It’s a nice campground with all the amenities for novice campers such as water, bathrooms, etc. I honestly felt like we were way more out in the wilderness than we were. We camped, hiked, cooked, relaxed, but most importantly we READ. I’ll get to that later. We hiked in Enumclaw one day to the Mud Mountain Dam and then somewhere around Kent the next day. Living in Seattle we were obviously worried about the weather turning to crap basically the minute we got there but it was a surprisingly great weekend weather-wise! Dash Point is right on the sound so we even got to beach it up a little on Saturday.


  • Great grocery shopping to prepare for this trip; we ate like queens! Bagels, coffee, sandwiches, pasta, hotdogs…yum
  • Literature – we read an amazing romance novel entitled “Up Close and Dangerous”. Aloud.
  • Fires
  • Franzia!
  • The Great Outdoors


  • We almost got MIP’d (minor in possesion) by the ranger…uh, we are legal dude and we will drink our Franzia if we want to.
  • Bee sting
  • Carsickness
  • The end of “Up Close and Dangerous”

Included are some amazing pics of the weekend…I took them, so they are amazing.


Child Prodigies!

I hope I caught your attention with the exclamation mark…I am excited about showing you guys this link to an awesome list of 8 child prodigies! I’m totally enthralled by people who are exceptional but honestly, the fact that these are all small children is just weird. Here’s how weird #3 is:

” Kim entered university as a physics student at the age of three…Later at the ripe old age of seven, Kim was invited to the United States by NASA to study, although to be honest we’re guessing he was invited because they suspected him of being an alien.” -Cracked

Yeah, I’m not sure about these kids. Probably just have dominating stage parents right? Here’s a link to a list of child prodigies.

Thanks to!

My mom drove me, just kidding she’s dead, just kidding she’s missing

My dear friends Paul and Kira showed me this hilarious Weekend Update with Judy Grimes. I haven’t been watching SNL for the last few years but this little 2 minute clip may have just prompted me to start watching again. Just kidding I’ll never watch again. Just kidding. Anyway, just watch the clip!

Guest Blogger!! On Footwear…

Courtesy of my model roommate JJ:

“I wore a new pair of shoes today and I realized how great a simple pair of shoes can make you feel. There’s just something about sliding my two oversized hushpuppies into the firm warm leather of new Skechers footwear. I think new shoes make you feel different than any other new addition to your accoutrement covered façade. Shoes are like an ego-boosting entourage to your feet—two friends who cheer you on the same way drunken frat boys push their roommate to talk to the pretty girl sitting at the bar who clearly has no interest in meeting anyone that night. When you wear a new pair of trousers or a new shirt or even a new jacket it feels nice, but moving or sitting, they feel the same. But shoes, shoes were made for walking…and doing. You’re compelled, better yet propelled, to take on the day like a vestment draped shark-man taking on a sushi bar. There is a bold yet subtle sense of balance and purpose and a brassy exuberance and that feeling makes a person whole.”

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I shall bescumber…something.

I bet you’re asking yourself, “what in the world does notten mean by BESCUMBER”. Well, I’ll tell you. It means to spray with poop. Want to know how I found that out? By checking in on a little post entitled Ten Insulting Words You Should Know found on Another fun phrase you may want to try out is “Don’t leave tater tots in the oven overnight you ninnyhammer!” So ninnyhammer means a fool, right? Awesome. Good guide to insults. Plus the pictures are amazing.


Do you want warmth AND privacy while using your laptop? Maybe. But do you want THIS:


Yeah, I’m pretty sure you definitely DO NOT. Thanks to for this incredibly disturbing photo and article which can be linked to here.

Here are some comments I got from friends when I forwarded the link that I got from my model roommate.

“I’m scared.”

“Christmas is gonna be a breeze this year.”

I’m getting one, then nobody can see what I’m blogging…except on my blog, obviously.”

Good luck ‘Body-Technology Interfaces’