Well it’s official, so F you Clay Bennett

I had hoped to bring you better news in regards to my Super Seattle Sonics. But I can’t. Apparently the city of Seattle “settled” (FOLDED) with Clay Bennett for a shitload of money. So basically we don’t get the Sonics to stay AND we will most likely never get an NBA team here? Come on people, are you serious? We are a major metropolitan city with a shitty MLB team and a mediocre NFL team but we should at least have a flippin’ NBA team don’t you think? I think that GOODBYE, SONICS sums up my personal feelings on this…oh yeah and F you too David Stern.


Insult to injury: Clay Bennett is taking a duplicate of the only championship the city of Seattle has ever won with him to Oklahoma City, because that’s part of the history he “purchased”.


One response to “Well it’s official, so F you Clay Bennett

  1. Holden Caulfield

    I was just wondering the Sonics are going to keep their logo and championships and stuff but are the OK city going to count your one championship as their own or start off new? Looking at the Lakers who were from Minnesota originally they do count the championships won in Minnesota other wise they wouldn’t have 14 total. Another question I have is if the Sonics get another team to move there will they just name that team the Sonics again? That would be strange I think so wouldn’t it better to start with a expansion team? I think the sonics should have just let their logo, name and championships go because many teams like the lakers, jazz, hornets, grizzlies, warriors took their logos from else where. And just start off new. Anyways, thank you great post.

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