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Tom Petty at the Gorge 2008

Oh my my, oh hell yes. That’s a good way to sum up the amazing Tom Petty show I just saw this past weekend! Now, this is my second time visiting the beautiful Gorge in George, WA to see the elusive man himself play his heart out. And it was just as impressive as the first!

Thanks to my dear friend Mike, I got a ticket and an in with his group going to the show. We had an amazing time at the cabin one of the guy’s provided to us, enjoyed the keg someone brought up and sang to high heaven in the pitch black of the Gorge. AND! Steve Winwood was the opener…uhh, only the BEST opener to Petty ever! (Ok that’s debatable)

Final thought: Go see him if you can, the man is getting old and he may not be around for much longer touring!


“Woman stabbed with stiletto heel” …Only on Rainier Ave

Here’s a little local Seattle news from the Seattle TImes for all those Seattle-ites reading my blog (all 3). Couuuld I say Seattle more? Nope.

Apparently a woman was at a BBQ when a man there asked her to preform a “sex act” on him. When she refused, he SLAPPED her in the face and then STABBED her with her own stiletto shoe. In the hand. Nice work Rainier Ave man, way to completely overreact when a woman obviously denies your crude sexual advances and better yet way to use the tools you have in front of you to lash out.

Well it’s official, so F you Clay Bennett

I had hoped to bring you better news in regards to my Super Seattle Sonics. But I can’t. Apparently the city of Seattle “settled” (FOLDED) with Clay Bennett for a shitload of money. So basically we don’t get the Sonics to stay AND we will most likely never get an NBA team here? Come on people, are you serious? We are a major metropolitan city with a shitty MLB team and a mediocre NFL team but we should at least have a flippin’ NBA team don’t you think? I think that GOODBYE, SONICS sums up my personal feelings on this…oh yeah and F you too David Stern.

Insult to injury: Clay Bennett is taking a duplicate of the only championship the city of Seattle has ever won with him to Oklahoma City, because that’s part of the history he “purchased”.

Mailbox “you just kicked my ass…and my knees” Peak

I had a great weekend. And by great I mean, I hiked a really flippin’ steep mountain.

A group of us decided to attempt Mailbox Peak off of I-90 (exit 34 in North Bend for those who are from Seattle) on Saturday…the majority of the group had no idea what the hell it was and two people were hiking it to train for Mt. Rainier. So yeah, that should tell you a little something about the level of difficulty. Not really getting the level of difficulty from that? Well we gained 4,000 ft. of elevation in 2.5 miles. Which is basically like climbing stairs for 2.5 miles.

Ok, enough of the math. It was hard but super rewarding and fun (which I can say now that I’ve completed it). It’s actually a gorgeous hike through a densely wooded forest up to a snow field and up some more to the peak. At the top you have a 360 degree view of the Cascades and even the Olympics…it’s breathtaking. My favorite part was sliding/running down the snow field coming back from the top of the peak. My least favorite part was the blisters I got from Kat’s mountaineering boots (thanks Kat!).

I would totally recommend this hike for anyone who has ever hiked before but wants a SUPER intense workout. Don’t do this as a first hike. Trust me, it will turn you off to hiking faster than you can say ouch my quads hurt. Here are some pics thanks to Leslie:

Now, a full 24+ hours after the hike, it’s difficult to get up from sitting down yes. But goddamn it, it’s such a good and fullfilling hurt.

Memorial Day with Friendzias

I had a great Memorial Day weekend with the gals out at Dash Point State Park (which can lovingly be found about 2 miles west of Federal Way). It’s a nice campground with all the amenities for novice campers such as water, bathrooms, etc. I honestly felt like we were way more out in the wilderness than we were. We camped, hiked, cooked, relaxed, but most importantly we READ. I’ll get to that later. We hiked in Enumclaw one day to the Mud Mountain Dam and then somewhere around Kent the next day. Living in Seattle we were obviously worried about the weather turning to crap basically the minute we got there but it was a surprisingly great weekend weather-wise! Dash Point is right on the sound so we even got to beach it up a little on Saturday.


  • Great grocery shopping to prepare for this trip; we ate like queens! Bagels, coffee, sandwiches, pasta, hotdogs…yum
  • Literature – we read an amazing romance novel entitled “Up Close and Dangerous”. Aloud.
  • Fires
  • Franzia!
  • The Great Outdoors


  • We almost got MIP’d (minor in possesion) by the ranger…uh, we are legal dude and we will drink our Franzia if we want to.
  • Bee sting
  • Carsickness
  • The end of “Up Close and Dangerous”

Included are some amazing pics of the weekend…I took them, so they are amazing.

My Review: Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

This past weekend the buds and I went to the Tulip Festival in beautiful Mt. Vernon, WA. Kira arranged the whole caravan, which I had been wanting to do for a few years but just never got the gusto to do. So Kira, Paul, Pat, Nutting, Jess and I got some coffee, got into two cars and made our way up north where the open fields of tulips awaited our arrival. Needless to say, I was excited. We entered the first tulip farm that we passed because we were so excited and by doing that, we entered Tulip Town. Bad news is that it cost $5 to get in and all they took was cash (What the hell? There’s like a huge amount of people that go to this stuff, shouldn’t they be prepared for multiple forms of payment?) Thanks for the loan Pat.

So we got in there and it was super cheesy. Like there was a mini statue of liberty. Once you got out into the tulip rows though…sue-wee it was gorgeous. The whole area was so brightly colored and it was like a huge rainbow cascading across the landscape (I’m a poet I know). So we walked around the whole perimeter and took a ridiculous amount of pictures, even pictures of us taking pictures. Once we departed, we decided to try the brewery in Mt. Vernon for lunch and it was great! I was really hoping to get some homemade ice cream in the country town but we had to settle for TCBY in Lynnwood. Blah. We did get directed to the Dairy Queen twice by the “locals”.

I would say that it was a great trip for all of us to go enjoy together…the tulips themselves were amazing but the Tulip Town I could have done without. Everyone could have done without that. The festival goes until next weekend if you get a chance to go!

Bear Spray!

Kira, this post is for you:


“The study says bear spray is effective 98 percent of the time.”