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Child Prodigies!

I hope I caught your attention with the exclamation mark…I am excited about showing you guys this link to an awesome list of 8 child prodigies! I’m totally enthralled by people who are exceptional but honestly, the fact that these are all small children is just weird. Here’s how weird #3 is:

” Kim entered university as a physics student at the age of three…Later at the ripe old age of seven, Kim was invited to the United States by NASA to study, although to be honest we’re guessing he was invited because they suspected him of being an alien.” -Cracked

Yeah, I’m not sure about these kids. Probably just have dominating stage parents right? Here’s a link to a list of child prodigies.

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I know some people who may be interested in this…

While catching up on my weekly news tonight I saw this interesting article with the word marijuana in the title. I was a little intrigued so I investigated. I didn’t even read the article, I won’t lie to you…I just stopped after I read $600 a day for smoking pot.

Bromances aren’t uncommon

I ran across this interesting little article while perusing my Seattle Times tonight…seeing that I have a multitude of guys involved in various “bromances”, I figured this is something to put down in the old blog. Mainly because that word is hilarious. Says the Times:

Two straight male doctors who are, without a doubt, in a bromance, a relationship defined as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males,” according to

There seems to be little worry about perceptions of homosexuality in a bromance filled with macho pursuits like drinking beer, watching sports and playing video games. But rifts can occur when serious girlfriends enter the picture or someone moves to another city. Tipograph and Kopstein both have girlfriends and make it work.

Apparently the transition to adulthood is taking a decade longer than in the olden days so men feel like they can be single and have their bromances. The fact that this type of article is in the Seattle TImes is so fantastic, maybe now bromances everywhere can be recognized and celebrated (aka JJ and Ron).

Whoa, I just got weird feelings from this

That’s what she said.

I’ve told you all before how much I love but I’m slightly disturbed by what my eyes have just beheld! Sometimes People will post video clips of really good stuff that has been on tv and I happened upon this clip after clicking on the following headline

PEOPLE & Oprah Exclusive: The Pregnant Man Speaks Out

Obviously this sparked some interest…I expected like a fake pregnant man (you know, one with a huge tumor in his lower belly or some fluid build up) but NO. View pregnant man on Oprah HERE.

Stop telling me that the Sonics leaving is no big deal

I have a bunch of friends who are sports fans but care nothing for the Sonics. In fact, one may say that they wouldn’t even notice if (and when) the Sonics left. But I? I would notice because there would be no professional basketball games to watch in Seattle. There would be no more Boom Squad or $7 beers or that guy who always plays the sax outside the Key Arena. Wanna know how I know? This is how.

So yeah, I could drive my ass 3 hours south to see the Blazers play…and don’t get me wrong, I like the Blazers but HELL NO. If the Sonics are leaving then Seattle definitely needs another professional basketball team located here. Who’s with me? The only thing that’s not a big deal about the Sonics leaving is Squatch leaving with them.

Time to email

I just had a conversation about this last night in my awesome physics class…it costs a lot (see article HERE) to mail a damn letter and it takes days upon days to reach it’s recipient. Why do that when you can email? Ok ok, I know what you’re thinking: It’s impersonal. Letters are more romantic. Well guess what? They were romantic in 1942. I highly doubt I even know of people who would write romantic letter. I email my true feelings when I feel them…if I were to write them in a letter, they’d probably have changed by the time it got to you. I like postcards though.

Caucusing as a political tool not a dirty sex move.

News to me because I’m from California but in the state of Washington, they caucus. Verb that shiz:

VERB: Inflected forms: cau·cused or cau·cussed, cau·cus·ing or cau·cus·sing, cau·cus·es or cau·cus·ses
INTRANSITIVE VERB: To assemble in or hold a caucus.

Only the dems caucus in Washington and it was a pretty cool experience (granted we got Taco Bell beforehand so we were pretty set). A lot of my friends were telling me to Ba-Rock the vote and that seemed to be the way people felt at my caucus…honestly, it was less low key than I thought it would be. And I felt like one of the youngest voters there, which is weird considering Obama is supposed to be all about the youthful vote. If you want to see youthfulness, check this out:


So I felt very politically active today.

Side note: Happy Birthday to my dear roommate and friend Ryan! We had a blast last night at 88 Keys (him more so than anyone else, what can you do? Don’t go into the men’s bathroom there)