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Mailbox “you just kicked my ass…and my knees” Peak

I had a great weekend. And by great I mean, I hiked a really flippin’ steep mountain.

A group of us decided to attempt Mailbox Peak off of I-90 (exit 34 in North Bend for those who are from Seattle) on Saturday…the majority of the group had no idea what the hell it was and two people were hiking it to train for Mt. Rainier. So yeah, that should tell you a little something about the level of difficulty. Not really getting the level of difficulty from that? Well we gained 4,000 ft. of elevation in 2.5 miles. Which is basically like climbing stairs for 2.5 miles.

Ok, enough of the math. It was hard but super rewarding and fun (which I can say now that I’ve completed it). It’s actually a gorgeous hike through a densely wooded forest up to a snow field and up some more to the peak. At the top you have a 360 degree view of the Cascades and even the Olympics…it’s breathtaking. My favorite part was sliding/running down the snow field coming back from the top of the peak. My least favorite part was the blisters I got from Kat’s mountaineering boots (thanks Kat!).

I would totally recommend this hike for anyone who has ever hiked before but wants a SUPER intense workout. Don’t do this as a first hike. Trust me, it will turn you off to hiking faster than you can say ouch my quads hurt. Here are some pics thanks to Leslie:

Now, a full 24+ hours after the hike, it’s difficult to get up from sitting down yes. But goddamn it, it’s such a good and fullfilling hurt.


I shall bescumber…something.

I bet you’re asking yourself, “what in the world does notten mean by BESCUMBER”. Well, I’ll tell you. It means to spray with poop. Want to know how I found that out? By checking in on a little post entitled Ten Insulting Words You Should Know found on Another fun phrase you may want to try out is “Don’t leave tater tots in the oven overnight you ninnyhammer!” So ninnyhammer means a fool, right? Awesome. Good guide to insults. Plus the pictures are amazing.

If you are offended by this, you probably don’t have a sense of humor

I just saw this website (a fellow wordpress website I may add) in an email from a dear dear friend and initially was like whaaaat. Then I read it. Good stuff in there. It’s called Stuff White People Like and don’t let the overt title dissuade you from entering, its hilarious. Below is one of my personal favorite entries:

Stuff White People Like examines the issue: Should white children be allowed to drink wine?


White people need to learn about wine as soon as possible. Not learning until college puts them at an inherent disadvantage to Europeans and white children raised abroad. It is strongly recommended that children learn about wine regions, vintages, terroir, and tannins in elementary school to give them that all important leg up when they reach college.

Being able to declare “my favorite wine as a child” in a conversation is recognized as more impressive than stories about extended visits to wine regions. In fact, it can only be topped by a story about opening your own vineyard.


White people also enjoy binge drinking.

Final Call:

White children should drink wine. They should not be allowed to drink beer or other “party” liquors.

So enjoy this website every once in a while…my friend Paul has it on his RSS feed which must mean it’s alright because he’s very picky.

Motore Coffee…where everybody knows your name

I’m totally plugging my favorite coffee house in Seattle. MOTORE COFFEE. It is located downtown at 9th and Stewart, is motifed with scooters, mopeds, vespas, etc. and has the friendliest, hippest staff around. Plus they serve happy hour!! Beer and wine selections for after that long and horrendous workday. I personally have a standing reservation on Friday afternoons (you don’t need reservations obviously). They have a great attitude about coffee and customer service…plus their “regulars” are proof enough that you’ll want to come back. Go there and let me know what you thought about it!