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Memorial Day with Friendzias

I had a great Memorial Day weekend with the gals out at Dash Point State Park (which can lovingly be found about 2 miles west of Federal Way). It’s a nice campground with all the amenities for novice campers such as water, bathrooms, etc. I honestly felt like we were way more out in the wilderness than we were. We camped, hiked, cooked, relaxed, but most importantly we READ. I’ll get to that later. We hiked in Enumclaw one day to the Mud Mountain Dam and then somewhere around Kent the next day. Living in Seattle we were obviously worried about the weather turning to crap basically the minute we got there but it was a surprisingly great weekend weather-wise! Dash Point is right on the sound so we even got to beach it up a little on Saturday.


  • Great grocery shopping to prepare for this trip; we ate like queens! Bagels, coffee, sandwiches, pasta, hotdogs…yum
  • Literature – we read an amazing romance novel entitled “Up Close and Dangerous”. Aloud.
  • Fires
  • Franzia!
  • The Great Outdoors


  • We almost got MIP’d (minor in possesion) by the ranger…uh, we are legal dude and we will drink our Franzia if we want to.
  • Bee sting
  • Carsickness
  • The end of “Up Close and Dangerous”

Included are some amazing pics of the weekend…I took them, so they are amazing.