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“Woman stabbed with stiletto heel” …Only on Rainier Ave

Here’s a little local Seattle news from the Seattle TImes for all those Seattle-ites reading my blog (all 3). Couuuld I say Seattle more? Nope.

Apparently a woman was at a BBQ when a man there asked her to preform a “sex act” on him. When she refused, he SLAPPED her in the face and then STABBED her with her own stiletto shoe. In the hand. Nice work Rainier Ave man, way to completely overreact when a woman obviously denies your crude sexual advances and better yet way to use the tools you have in front of you to lash out.


The Five Stages of Grief for Sonics fans

Tonight was the Sonics’ potentially last game (we won’t know until the court case in June but let’s see the glass as half empty for this post ok?) Over 15,000 fans showed up to support the Sonics in their VICTORY (yeah I know right?) against the Mavs. The Seattle papers have been pretty against the Sonics leaving but this article I found was unusually emotional… well emotional AND hilarious. The Five Stages of Grief for Sonics fans.

From the Seattle Times and Angry fans:

Tonight is the final — maybe forever? — home game for the Sonics. As fans grapple with the potential death of their team, we finish a five-day series on the five stages of grief, and we asked fans where they’d place themselves. Here is what 3,945 readers said:

Denial: 6% (248)

Anger: 47% (1,857)

Bargaining: 4% (159)

Depression: 10% (378)

Acceptance/hope: 33% (1,303)

That’s a lot of people in the anger phase but if you ask me, that’s 1,303 TOO many people who have accepted the Sonics leaving. That must be the Blazers fans who happen to reside here in Seattle. Whatever. Save our Sonics!! I’ll be updating the plight as details unfold…


photo courtesy of Seattle Times.

Bromances aren’t uncommon

I ran across this interesting little article while perusing my Seattle Times tonight…seeing that I have a multitude of guys involved in various “bromances”, I figured this is something to put down in the old blog. Mainly because that word is hilarious. Says the Times:

Two straight male doctors who are, without a doubt, in a bromance, a relationship defined as “the complicated love and affection shared by two straight males,” according to urbandictionary.com.

There seems to be little worry about perceptions of homosexuality in a bromance filled with macho pursuits like drinking beer, watching sports and playing video games. But rifts can occur when serious girlfriends enter the picture or someone moves to another city. Tipograph and Kopstein both have girlfriends and make it work.

Apparently the transition to adulthood is taking a decade longer than in the olden days so men feel like they can be single and have their bromances. The fact that this type of article is in the Seattle TImes is so fantastic, maybe now bromances everywhere can be recognized and celebrated (aka JJ and Ron).