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Well it’s official, so F you Clay Bennett

I had hoped to bring you better news in regards to my Super Seattle Sonics. But I can’t. Apparently the city of Seattle “settled” (FOLDED) with Clay Bennett for a shitload of money. So basically we don’t get the Sonics to stay AND we will most likely never get an NBA team here? Come on people, are you serious? We are a major metropolitan city with a shitty MLB team and a mediocre NFL team but we should at least have a flippin’ NBA team don’t you think? I think that GOODBYE, SONICS sums up my personal feelings on this…oh yeah and F you too David Stern.


Insult to injury: Clay Bennett is taking a duplicate of the only championship the city of Seattle has ever won with him to Oklahoma City, because that’s part of the history he “purchased”.


Do we get to keep the Sonics now that they’ve won?

Thanks Page 2 for the photo

This Page 2 writer sums up a lot of the feelings us Seattlites are, well, feeling. I mean, read what Kevin Jackson writes during the last game Sunday night:

Much of the crowd seemed to be caught in the same emotional conundrum. For the first quarter and a half, the building was eerily pensive. There were no video tributes, no commemoration of 41 years of history, no acknowledgement of the elephant in the arena. Then, midway through the second period, the Jumbotron flashed an image of Sonics legend Gary Payton sitting courtside. A long, raucous standing ovation awakened the place, and the next two hours — perhaps the final two hours of KeyArena — harkened back to the glory days of the old barn.

Owie. That pulls at those heartstrings a little – especially after winning for probably what? The third time this season? (I kid, I kid, you know I love you Supes). So when Kevin Jackson writes that one of the more meaningful relationships of his life came to an end Sunday night, it tugs at those little strings. And I’m not even a born and bred Seattlite!

Read Page 2 all the time.