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Well it’s official, so F you Clay Bennett

I had hoped to bring you better news in regards to my Super Seattle Sonics. But I can’t. Apparently the city of Seattle “settled” (FOLDED) with Clay Bennett for a shitload of money. So basically we don’t get the Sonics to stay AND we will most likely never get an NBA team here? Come on people, are you serious? We are a major metropolitan city with a shitty MLB team and a mediocre NFL team but we should at least have a flippin’ NBA team don’t you think? I think that GOODBYE, SONICS sums up my personal feelings on this…oh yeah and F you too David Stern.


Insult to injury: Clay Bennett is taking a duplicate of the only championship the city of Seattle has ever won with him to Oklahoma City, because that’s part of the history he “purchased”.


The Blakes at Neumo’s


I just came home from seeing my favorite Light in the Attic band play at Neumo’s in Capitol Hill. I definitely love the sound and their drummer Bob is freakin’ amazing. He plays like there’s no tomorrow and gets so into it you just want to rock out with him…you WISH you knew how to keep a beat. Anyway, they are great and here is one of my favorite songs from them called Two Times.

Stay tuned for my follow up on the Seattle Supersonics Super Sticky Situation. Here’s a teaser:

Sonics Trial Loser

Do we get to keep the Sonics now that they’ve won?

Thanks Page 2 for the photo

This Page 2 writer sums up a lot of the feelings us Seattlites are, well, feeling. I mean, read what Kevin Jackson writes during the last game Sunday night:

Much of the crowd seemed to be caught in the same emotional conundrum. For the first quarter and a half, the building was eerily pensive. There were no video tributes, no commemoration of 41 years of history, no acknowledgement of the elephant in the arena. Then, midway through the second period, the Jumbotron flashed an image of Sonics legend Gary Payton sitting courtside. A long, raucous standing ovation awakened the place, and the next two hours — perhaps the final two hours of KeyArena — harkened back to the glory days of the old barn.

Owie. That pulls at those heartstrings a little – especially after winning for probably what? The third time this season? (I kid, I kid, you know I love you Supes). So when Kevin Jackson writes that one of the more meaningful relationships of his life came to an end Sunday night, it tugs at those little strings. And I’m not even a born and bred Seattlite!

Read Page 2 all the time.

The Five Stages of Grief for Sonics fans

Tonight was the Sonics’ potentially last game (we won’t know until the court case in June but let’s see the glass as half empty for this post ok?) Over 15,000 fans showed up to support the Sonics in their VICTORY (yeah I know right?) against the Mavs. The Seattle papers have been pretty against the Sonics leaving but this article I found was unusually emotional… well emotional AND hilarious. The Five Stages of Grief for Sonics fans.

From the Seattle Times and Angry fans:

Tonight is the final — maybe forever? — home game for the Sonics. As fans grapple with the potential death of their team, we finish a five-day series on the five stages of grief, and we asked fans where they’d place themselves. Here is what 3,945 readers said:

Denial: 6% (248)

Anger: 47% (1,857)

Bargaining: 4% (159)

Depression: 10% (378)

Acceptance/hope: 33% (1,303)

That’s a lot of people in the anger phase but if you ask me, that’s 1,303 TOO many people who have accepted the Sonics leaving. That must be the Blazers fans who happen to reside here in Seattle. Whatever. Save our Sonics!! I’ll be updating the plight as details unfold…


photo courtesy of Seattle Times.

Stop telling me that the Sonics leaving is no big deal

I have a bunch of friends who are sports fans but care nothing for the Sonics. In fact, one may say that they wouldn’t even notice if (and when) the Sonics left. But I? I would notice because there would be no professional basketball games to watch in Seattle. There would be no more Boom Squad or $7 beers or that guy who always plays the sax outside the Key Arena. Wanna know how I know? This is how.

So yeah, I could drive my ass 3 hours south to see the Blazers play…and don’t get me wrong, I like the Blazers but HELL NO. If the Sonics are leaving then Seattle definitely needs another professional basketball team located here. Who’s with me? The only thing that’s not a big deal about the Sonics leaving is Squatch leaving with them.

Will they stay or will they go?

There has been a lot of talk in the past few months about the Seattle Supersonics moving to Oklahoma and breaking the lease that they have with the Key Arena. The new owners are from Oklahoma and want to promote a pro bball team there…and leave us without one. This is sad for me because bball is the only professional sport I actually watch live and feel invested in. When I grew up in the Bay Area, my dad and I would go to the Golden State Warriors games (who were never actually GOOD but I maintain they will have their time in the sun) so when I moved here to Seattle, I took up the Sonics as my “home team”. It isn’t right to have major cities without a pro bball team and personally, I’m gonna be pissed if the new owners move them!

So now there is a big hoopla (and oh my god, to get to the second page of this article you have to enter in demographic information…lame!) over relocation, mainly because Aubrey (thanks Paul) was quoted in an Oklahoma paper saying the group purchased the Sonics with the purpose of relocating. Now Seattlites are up in arms! It’s kind of funny because you don’t see many die hard Sonics fans but they’re coming out of the woodwork now. Anyway, I hope they stay because I bought a Sonics t-shirt to wear to the games…