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Why I believe the air rifle should NOT be an Olympic sport

1. You can be obese and completely not athletic to shoot a damn air gun.

2. There were no guns in the Greco Roman times.

3. It’s not athletic

Ok, so I don’t have that many reasons but I think 1 and 3 speak for themselves.

I also think there is something to be said about events that lack the competition between athletes at the same time in the same arena, where a judge decides winner/loser instead of having an obvious verdict. For example: Swimming is an individual sport, yet you are physically in the pool racing against other swimmers at the same time and there is a touch pad at the end to tell who is the winner. But in gymnastics, a girl (or guy) competes individually…then another girl later…then another girl. And so on and so forth. There is no clear impartial winner because the judges decide based on individual performances.

Now what really stumps me is that the air rifle competition falls in the middle. It has a clear winner/loser based on the target but people “compete” separately. Hmmm…


Will they stay or will they go?

There has been a lot of talk in the past few months about the Seattle Supersonics moving to Oklahoma and breaking the lease that they have with the Key Arena. The new owners are from Oklahoma and want to promote a pro bball team there…and leave us without one. This is sad for me because bball is the only professional sport I actually watch live and feel invested in. When I grew up in the Bay Area, my dad and I would go to the Golden State Warriors games (who were never actually GOOD but I maintain they will have their time in the sun) so when I moved here to Seattle, I took up the Sonics as my “home team”. It isn’t right to have major cities without a pro bball team and personally, I’m gonna be pissed if the new owners move them!

So now there is a big hoopla (and oh my god, to get to the second page of this article you have to enter in demographic information…lame!) over relocation, mainly because Aubrey (thanks Paul) was quoted in an Oklahoma paper saying the group purchased the Sonics with the purpose of relocating. Now Seattlites are up in arms! It’s kind of funny because you don’t see many die hard Sonics fans but they’re coming out of the woodwork now. Anyway, I hope they stay because I bought a Sonics t-shirt to wear to the games…

The Sports Gal

Paul turned my attention to this column written by Bill Simmon’s wife (he’s the Sports Guy). Bill Simmons has some good opinions about anything happening in the world of teams, balls, fields or courts but his wife rants (hilariously) about having him as a husband, her perspective on living in L.A. and basically whatever she wants. Here is a link to an archive of her columns and they are so flippin entertaining. The new ones haven’t been archived yet but you can get to them on Bill Simmons archive…usually they’re towards the bottom on the side. Check out Sept 14, 21 (She writes on Fridays).